A Web 2.0 Class II

Applying Web 2.0/Part Two into the Classroom (Rubric) ------------ DRAFT
Rubric outline for course, based on class input

Dates: Fall Course - Part II
1. September
Monday 9/21 3:30-7:15 4hs hours --- online – 6-10 hrs total/month 9-10 hrs
2. Oct 7th
Wed - 9hrs. 3:30-6:30 pm
3. Nov 4th
Wed - 9hrs. * late start …. or move date to Tues or Thursday…
4. Dec 2nd
Wed - 9hrs.
Total of 40 hours

Course Outline


Session One

Session #1 - Overview Course – Multimedia Tools for Presentations
Pre-Class Assignment (Email and blog posting) September Online

Pre-Class email Post to Class Blog http://techdi.blogspot.com
- Create SlideShare Account, upload a PowerPoint presentation
Locate a YouTube Video or Audio to link to presentation

- Create a VoiceThread Account
- Bring Headset/Microshpone and/or Web Cam to class
- Review Web 2.0 Blog, Ning and Class Wiki
Class One
FSC Registration, accounts for lab
Class Wiki http://integrating.wikispaces.com and subclass

1. Class Ning http://techdi.ning.com/ (email and invite)
2. Link YouTube to SlideShare ---
3. Demonstrate VoiceThread Lesson – Review/Assessment of Web 2.0 tools.
Homework post comment (text, audio and video ) on all slides

4. Introduce Flip Camera
- Schedule to share a camera, make a vido and post to class ning
Participate in class Ning, share Flip Camera Experience

Online Portion
5. Participate in class Ning by posting reflection and comments
6. Register for Glogster and Review online Examples

7. Attend Classroom 2.0 PD Session (Topic: Flip Cameras) Sat 10/3rd 12:00-1:00pm
Total Point September --------------------------------------------------------------------------


5 pts

10 pts

10 pts

30 pts

Session Two
Session #2 Video Basics with Web 2.0:
Students will:
8. Class Ning – Flip Camera Video Review ------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
9. Share back months experience/work using Flip Camera and Ning
10. Review Video Editing Options (MovieMaker,PhotoStory, iMovie,Jaycut, other)
with Flip Camera, iphone, new video ipod or video camera

10. Glogster EDU –Accounts and Create a Glog
Flip video - upload Glog and insert other video links that relate to theme of the poster
Review Glogster Examples, share experiences with video

11. Other Tools - Animoto, Prezi, VoiceThread and Jaycut

Online Portion for 11/7 class
13. Video a lesson, best practice a topic related to your curriculum (1-2 mintues)
14. Edit Video using (Flip software, MovieMaker, iMovie, Jaycut, MovieMaker) and upload to
Glogster poster, add other content to poster. Option class accounts and setup.
(Note: If you have a VoiceThread you can add to the Glog)
15. Be Perpared to share your work for next class 11/7

Optional Topics to Explore

16. Explore Animoto and Prezi as presentation tools (Apply to your class)
17. Create a Collaborative VoiceThread (optional - link to Glog)
18. Add your Glog, or video to your Blog, Wiki or class Ning)
incorporate Video, VoiceThread and Glog on the site.

19. Create Account on SchoolTube, TeacherTube or YouTube
- Create a playlist to link to Glog, blog or Ning

20. Post reflections in class ning and provide link

Attend Classroom 2.0 PD Session

Attend MassCUE Conference 10/27 and Post a Reflection
Try .... Animoto, VoiceThread ... practice
Total Points for October l -------------------------------------------


20 pts

30 pts

Session Three

Session #3 – Topic – TBD
Project Midterm
Lesson, unit or PD Session

21. Topic TDB -------------------------------------------à

Online Portion

22. Classroom Project
23. Optional 12/1-12/3 NH Conference * Option

Online Evaluate
Animoto - http://animoto.com/education
Prezi -

Classroom Live Recordings
- Prezi http://live.classroom20.com/1/category/prezi/1.html

20 pts


Session Four
Session #4 -
1. Sharing or Class Projects

2. Reflection
3. K12 Online Conference* / Participation and Reflection
ISTE 2010 Conference
Total ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

20 pts

Total Points Available --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Extra Credit
Classroom Live Online Classroom 2.01 hour PD Session – 5 pts
Conference (MassCUE or Christa) -- 10 pts

K12 Online Conference
The presenters by strand are: WEEK 1: December 7-11, 2009
Getting Started (13 presentations)



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