A Web 2.0 Class

Course Description
Integrating Web 2.0 Tools into the Classroom
The “new” internet is referred to as Web 2.0 or the Read/Write Web. There are now a multitude of web-based tools available that can allow people, to write online documents, and share information with others through social software like blogs and wikis and use video to support teaching. These tools can positively impact teaching and learning and the implications are significant. This course is designed to provide teachers with an overview of new internet technology tools (Web 2.0 tools, including Blogs, Podcasting, Wikis, RSS Skype, YouTube, TeacherTube, and more). This course will support differentiated instruction models of learning and can be applied to all grade levels and content areas (language arts, social studies, science, math, world language, music, special education, library/study skills, etc). Note: Previously delivered using pbwiki http://technologypd.pbworks.com/web20-workshop

Sandbox for class http://integratingsandbox.wikispaces.com/


Below is a draft outline of some of the topics we will cover in the course. Depending on the class needs we adjust as appropriate.
Session One

Session Two
  • Review
    - igoogle (add google talk)
  • Microblogging with Twitter (optional download tweetdeck)
  • Live Blogging with Backchannel (Chatzy)
  • Skype
  • Blogger (themes, layouts, permissions, tutorials and more)
    Adding to Blogger, SlideShare, YouTube (playlist, etc)
    Adding Feeds to Blogger
  • Web 2.0 Plug and Play Tools
    - YouTube, (downlaod Youtube try zamzar) YouTube/Playlist, SchoolTube, TeacherTube
    add embedded code to your blog.
    - Slideshow, try Rockyou (Google Picassa download)
    - Skype *microphone needed
  • Wordle
  • Slideshare
  • Glogster upload your videos and slideshows!
  • Podcasting and iTunes
    Subscribe to Posdcasts (SMARTboard, etc)
  • Safety and copyright
  • Social Bookmarking (optional)
    - Delicious download
    - Diigo *

Session Three (Lab / online Review)
  • Explore and Review
    - iGoogle
    - Google Readers
    - Google Docs
    - Read Blogs
    - Class Blog and comments
    - Blogger Tutorial and working on your Blog
    - YouTube, SchoolTube TeacherTube, SlideShare
    - Skype
  • Assignment
    - Class Blog Post a comment (Intro and article)
    - Articles (read 2 - TBD)
  • Post to your blog
    - Locate and embed a video or slideshare
  • Link to class wiki sandbox http://integratingsandbox.wikispaces.com/ or Google doc
  • Skype with a colleague
  • iTunes, subscribe to a podcast (and listen)
  • Comparison Tabe Blog wiki or google docs http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=ddnzwcn8_15g3jrbpdf

Session Four

Session Five
  • Continuation of sharing blog/wikis and lessons
    - Web 2.0 tools and Wiki Exploration of tools
  • Lab Exploration
  • Reflection - VoiceThread - Blog

Assessment in a Web 2.0 World
Eudcause podcast: Assessment in a Web 2.0 World (19 mins)

To be planned ..

Addtional Course Offerings