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  • Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson): Link [[ |]]
    Will Richardson -
  • David Warlick -
  • Infinite Thinking Machine -
    A group blog "designed to help teachers and students thrive in the 21st century." Rotating posts by eight authors. Updated about twice a month
  • Instructify -
    From LEARN NC. "Instructify is where teachers can stock their toolboxes with practical, time-saving classroom ideas and cutting edge methods of instruction. It’s where to find useful, free technology to utilize in the classroom. And it’s a fun place to spend your planning period."
  • Blogboard -
    A round-up of "what's new and noteworthy in educator blogs," from Education Week's Teacher Magazine.
  • Students 2oh -
    A blog co-authored by several high school students who are interested in the future of education. Though infrequently updated, the posts and comments are impressive.
  • Successful Teaching -
    27-year veteran classroom teacher Pat Hensley (a.k.a
    loonyhiker) offers "strategies and tips for successful teaching." Her blog embodies the Web 2.0 spirit of sharing.
  • CoolCatTeacher (Vicki Davis): Link
    Vicki Davis talks about the realities of teaching in a society where every cell phone is a recording device.
    Spies Like Us
  • Remote Access (Clarence Fischer): Bias in the Classroom
    A middle school social studies lesson beginning with an online "energy" game evolves into an opportunity for students to think deeply and critically about bias in the media they consume and in their own lives.
  • EduBlog Insights (Anne Davis): A Rationale for Educational Blogging
    Anne Davis, an edublogging pioneer from Georgia State University, has been blogging with elementary school students since 2002. In this post, she enumerates her reasons for blogging with students.
  • Bit by Bit (Bob Sprankle): The Time is Now
    In an engaging metaphor about television "rabbit ears," Sprankle makes a case for rethinking "analog" teaching practices and moving into the digitally-driven 21st century.
  • NeverEnding Search: PowerPoint Reform - A First Chapter
    High school librarian Joyce Valenza shares highlights from her presentation for senior English classes on how to stop making miserable PowerPoint presentations.Good points and good resources.

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