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21 Classes

I21Classes makes it easy to establish a classroom blog, complete with free hosting. Students do not need an email account to access, and can post video and images in addition to text. Teachers have privacy and review controls over the site. The site can have a classroom blog at the top level, an excellent way to post class announcements and assignments, and then have individual blogs at a second level.

21Classes is a product of 21Publish, with customers including McGraw Hill and Amnesty International, plus thousands of smaller companies and schools.

Key features of 21Classes

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  • Class homepage to communicate with students
  • Independent yet inter-connected blog accounts for students
  • Central console to manage students accounts with control over accounts and content
  • Multiple Options for registration process
  • Review capabilities of student entries
  • Upload images or insert videos
  • Make all or selected students' writings private
  • Selection of templates or your own CSS editing
  • Customizable headers
  • Hosted application – no installation, automatic updates, no hassle
  • FREE SERVICE with on demand upgrade options

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  • Easy to use
  • Two levels of administration provide for class homepage as top level and individual student accounts as second level
  • Site admin panel allows central command over entire site
  • Does not require student email accounts
  • Teachers maintain or relinquish control over privacy and content
  • Video, images and text can be posted
  • Free!
  • No maintenance for teacher -- the host server is maintained by 21Publish

  • Limited number of templates
  • Templates not easily modified
  • Maximum 50 students per account... but for nominal monthly fee can increase this count

Examples in the Classroom: