An online bookmarking site that enables you to bookmark, highlight, and annotate web pages. In addition, this site allows you to network with other users to share bookmarks and notes. Within a network there is also the ability to create groups.

Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RvAkTuL02A


  • Network and collaborate with other classrooms and educators to share interests and knowledge
  • Tag and share resources for projects
  • Provide students with live links instead of copying and pasting or typing long URLs
  • Ability to add RSS feed to your network to see what new sites and tags other people are adding
  • Use the highlighting and annotating features to give feedback for online students projects (web pages, blogs, wikis, slideshows)
  • Since you can write directly on the website and save it, the need to print out sources greatly diminishes

Ideas for Use in the Classroom

  • Using the stick-note feature, a teacher can feature a website and ask students to comment on a big picture question. Each student gets to contribute their own thoughts and ideas and read those of the classmates.
  • Online research collaboration

Models to use Diigo

  • Karl Fisch on Diigo