Google Teacher Academy
This suite of tools by Google is FREE dynamic professional development experience designed to help K-12 educators get the most from innovative technologies. Google offers training, an academy to recognize innovative teachers for their contributions to the field of education and technology. Teachers must apply to attend the academy which is a one day intensive training course. Google recognizes teachers for their contributions and role in the field of educational technology.

I plan on applying this summer (Denver August 2009)

Resources links and/or class examples:
Google Teacher Academy –
Email the GTA Team:

· Rewards innovative teachers with a 1-day training on Google tools
· Anyone may apply from regions around the world
· Provides an opportunity to share technology-enhanced classroom strategies among teachers from across the globe
· Provides teachers with the opportunity for in-depth training in Google tools.
· Each Academy is designed to create a strong professional learning community of educators who support each other over the course of a year to facilitate communication and collaboration with your fellow Google Certified Teachers.

Ideas for the classroom:

As a result of this training and the links from Goolge teachers will increased their knowledge about Google toolsfor the classroom.