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Ning is an example of a social networking option.

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My Examples of a Ning sites ... still learning

Classroom 2.0
SMARTboard Revolution http://smartboardrevolution.ning.comTeacher Librarian
KinderBlog Ning

My Graduate Class Web 2.0 Class Ning
My School Ning

Education Network Examples

Independent School Educators Network
Classroom 2.0
School 2.0
Coming of Age An introduction to the NEW worldwide web.


  1. Quick and easy way to connect with others with similar interests.
  2. Lots of opportunites for various sharing of photos, videos, podcasting,music and discussion.
  3. Provides a learning community where life-long learning continues to happen.
  4. Ning includes the ability to add a blog.
  5. Ning is different than most social network sites becuase it offers educators several control features: Strict control of network membership (public or privat), the ability of administrators to remove or edit content created by any user, the flexible control of network, minimal information requirements for user sign-up, ad-free networks for K-12 classrooms, and the reporting of all network activities. (M. Fernandez, 2/15/09)


  • School Communication tool (similar to a Facebook model?)
  • Book discussion and exchanging favorite book titles authors and world wide pen pals.
  • Idea exchange for teachers allowing a social online collaboration environment.

Articles and more

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