VoiceThread is web 2.0 tool that allows the user to combine images, text, and video to create a multimedia slide show. Once the presentation has been created other users can leave video, audio, and text comments.

Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XGpdy7c8DQ



  • Use of Assessment / Understanding
  • Share reflections about a historical photograph.
  • Share favorite characters in a novel read by the class.
  • Use historical pictures, do research and give the report orally while viewing the visual.
  • For art, language arts, math and science lessons can become more alive and realistic using this technology.(explaining art work/techniques, book reviews, book advertisement, science labs/dissecting, doing hobbies, sewing, etc.)
  • Geography comes alive with photographs of people and places.
  • Students can present digital book reports.
  • Students can create a get well card for a home bound friend.
  • Students can create a year end class thread.
  • Students can share facts or reflections about a field trip
  • Use Voice Thread as a writing prompt. See example above.
  • Students can reflect on a speaker they just heard.
  • Get input from community members on your student’s work
  • Find collaborators for VoiceThread projects here

Examples of Use in the Classroom