Users’ personalized Google page.
What is iGoogle
Link http://www.google.com/educators/p_php.html

iGoogle Mini Product Tour

Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbf0dlESX8E

Create an Account

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Note: Certain gadgets, like Gmail and Google Reader, require that you be signed in to a Google Account. This can be our school emaild address when creating the account. You will then need to validate your google account in YOUR email before signing in to use!You can also use your Gmail account to login (Note - it only appears when you're signed in).

Note: If you don't sign in, your iGoogle page is saved just on your computer.
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Create own gadget
Create and example of gadget

  • Free!
  • Users’ gadget can run on other sites and products such as iGoogle or any webpage.
  • Can display gadgets by your style.
  • Adding and deletion of gadgets are easy.
  • Take iGoogle with you on mobile phone
  • Can add news, photos, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page.
  • The RSS direct load feature on some news groups is excellent
  • Lets you have your own portal of information
  • Easy to access on one page (brings everything to you so you don't have to search)
  • Allows users to blog from here, access Google Reader and Gmail
  • There are gadgets out there for basically anything you might want

Ideas for the classroom

  • Educators add the TAB and display follow the lesson with gadget
  • Through users’ gadget, users can surf the web site. When user needs more information.
  • How to Create an iGoogle Classroom Homepage - Teachers can create a different tab for each subject they teach and use a projector to create an iGoogle classroom homepage for class announcements, assignment due dates, bookmarked site, recent topic specific news, etc.
  • Elementary teachers can complete the morning meeting from iGoogle
  • Communication with parents via the calendar
  • Students can study weather patterns from the homepage
  • Each student can design their own gadget.
  • See everything at a glance. I love having my Google Reader on my iGoogle page so I can see instant updates to my students' blogs.
  • One teacher's blog about using iGoogle This blog has a description of how a high school teacher incorporated iGoogle into her Language Arts class.
  • Students can stay informed of news and current events.
  • Teachers can post images and links to reading activities students can do in class or at home.
  • Students can follow blog postings from the teacher about homework assignments. Reflective questions can be posted on these blogs and students can keep up to date of these on iGoogle. Students follow at link to respond in the comment section of the blog.

Examples of Uses in the Classroom